About Us

At Naturalike, we firmly believe that what you place in your body and on your body can dramatically impact your health and well­being. We have an exciting future as we help to lead Africa and the Caribbean markets  into the African fashion wears, fresh produce, global honey, herbal teas, healthy snacks, and wellness markets. We cultivate relationships with local Nigerian and Jamaican vendors to ensure that we are delivering the absolute highest caliber of 100% fresh, pure and natural products. We look forward to showing you all the wonders that the world has to offer!


We want to empower you to improve your health while bringing honesty back into the food supply. We are here to unite the growing number of people adopting healthy lifestyles and to provide the best products to help you live your healthy lifestyle!


Naturalike is dedicated to cross­pollinating with companies, farmers, and vendors who adhere high­quality standards that value the planet, humanity, honesty, and fair­trade practices. Real people hand­select all of the products you see on our site. We are committed to providing excellence over profitability. Exceeding your expectations is our bottom line. You are always our top priority.


We believe that word of mouth is our best advertisement, and we hold a deep respect for our clients and consumers. We strive to provide only the highest quality of 100% fresh, pure and natural products, secured from the highest quality vendors, at very affordable price points.



This is the foundation of our culture and our company. We hold very high standards for our products and customer service and stand behind each and every one of our products.


We are here to cultivate long standing relationships with our employees, clients, and vendors from around the world.



We value and respect our partners, farmers, and customers. We are unrelenting in our pursuit of new ways to appreciate all of you.