Nigerian Unsalted Roasted Cashew nuts (170g / 6oz / 0.4 Lb)


Although cashews are low in fiber, they are full of plant protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. Our cashews taste great and were carefully roasted to perfection.

Product of Nigeria


Roasted Cashews
Roasted cashews are a delicious and unique little nut! Native to Brazil and parts of West Africa, the cashew tree
(Anacardium occidentale) tree produces a long, fleshy stalk, called a cashew apple, which
resembles a small pear. Sprouting like a tail from the bottom of an oddly-shaped fruit, the
cashew is a main export from Africa.
Here’s everything you need to know about this delicious and nutritious snack!

Health Benefits of Roasted Cashews
Although cashews are low in fiber, they are full of protein, healthy fat, vitamins and
Heart health – not all fats are bad for you. In fact, some types of fat can help your heart health.Cashews contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, including oleic and palmitoleic acids.

Research shows these fatty acids can lower levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol and increase levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.
Cholesterol is a waxy compound that accumulates in the blood, leading to plaque which can restrict cardiovascular functioning.

Avoiding cholesterol in your diet is a healthy choice which promotes optimal blood circulation. Roasted cashews contain zero cholesterol, making them the perfect choice to promote heart-health.

Boost your immune system – In addition to containing high amounts of copper, cashews are a great source of zinc, both of which boost your immune system. Every ounce serving of cashews provides 1.6 mg of zinc. Boosting your daily zinc intake have been associated with a healthier immune response.

Increase your energy – Like all nuts, cashews provide an excellent source of protein. Protein is one of three macronutrients your body needs for energy, to rebuild muscle tissue, and to create new cellular compounds.

Every ounce of cashews contains 5 grams of protein! So when you need a healthy snack, grab a handful of roasted cashews! Not to mention, eating protein will help to prevent you from becoming hungry between meals, which will help you stick to a healthy nutrition plan.

Other health benefits associated with roasted cashews – Roasted cashews are a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract oxidative damage in the cell. They also sweep through the cells, neutralizing free radicals that can cause cellular damage and cancer. Some of the most potent antioxidants include vitamins E and K. Cashews contain both of the vitamins, helping your body fight off oxidative damage.
Roasted Cashews provide a rich source of:

● Vitamin K

● Vitamin B6
● Vitamin E
● Fiber
● Thiamin
● Riboflavin
● Folate
● Niacin
● Pantothenic acid
● Copper
● Magnesium
● Calcium
● Iron
● Potassium
● Zinc
● Manganese
● Selenium

Uses of Roasted Cashews
● Culinary Uses: A great snack in between meals or add roasted cashews to your main
dishes. You can even add cashews to your nutritious trail mixes.
● Medicinal Uses: Often ground and added to medicines, roasted cashews help relieve
stomach and intestinal (gastrointestinal) ailments.
● Tasty Topping: Roasted cashews are the perfect topping to your healthy salad.

Naturalike Roasted Cashews
At Naturalike, we source all of our roasted cashews directly from the finest farms in Nigeria. We form close relationships with local Nigerian farmers to ensure that we are providing you with the 100% natural goodness and high quality products that we have become known to deliver.

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