African Rice / Ofada rice (765g/27oz/1.7 Ibs)


The wild Ofada rice is known for its short and large grains. They are known by its unique and strong aroma, due to the fermentation process it goes through. Consuming Wild Ofada rice has health benefits, since it’s an unpolished rice and still retains it nutritive value like most wild rice. They are very nutritious compared to the white rice . It’s usually eaten with a vegetable stew prepared with the locust bean seasoning.




Ofada Rice
A type of brown rice, Nigerian ofada rice is a healthy rice. Unlike white rice, brown rice
retains unsaturated fatty acids, protein, minerals, starch and vitamins that are usually removed during polishing. Ofada rice is short and robust, and is eaten as food and taken as

Ofada Rice Health Benefits
Recent clinical studies link the consumption of white rice to increased levels of blood sugar.
Many dieticians discourage consuming white rice. Contrary, food researchers and nutritionists have advocated replacing white rice with brown ofada rice to promote healthy blood sugars. A study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that replacing white rice with brown rice lowered the risk heart disease and diabetes.
The fiber content of brown rice regulates digestion and also makes you feel full, reducing your caloric intake. Studies have shown that ofada rice promotes weight loss. Brown rice
also provides a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants defend the body from damage caused by harmful free radicals. Studies link free radicals to many deadly diseases such
atherosclerosis, cancer, and other serious medical conditions.
Ofada Rice provides a rich source of:
● Potassium
● Fiber
● Carbohydrate
● Protein
● Calcium
● Iron
● Vitamin B-6
● Magenisum

Nigerian Ofada Rice Uses
● Healthy Cooking: Ofada rice is a great addition to your favorite soups, casseroles and
as a nutritious side dish.
● Additional Uses: Ofada rice is used as an appetite stimulant, astringent, a soothing
agent (demulcent), and can be made into a medicinal tonic.

Naturalike Ofada Rice
At Naturalike, we source all of our Nigerian ofada rice directly from the finest farms in Nigeria.
We form close relationships with local African farmers to ensure that we are providing you with the 100% natural goodness and high quality products that we have become known to deliver.

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